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When washing your car it takes 15min to clean the bugs off the front end.

You get asked "is that one of them hybrids".

You do an install write up and list "un-snap" as a way of removing important parts.

You forgot what your stock hubcaps looked like.

Your insurance card says "Toyota Wagon".

You have a list of "future mods" that never seems to go down, even as you keep modding.

You've given up on increasing horsepower.

You're sick of hearing "what does bB stand for".

You get tired of explaining to people what a "Scion" is so now you just tell them its a Toyota.

When you hit a steep hill and feels like your pulling a boat at the same time.

You have made a blue tape bra for a road trip.

When someone says "Hey is that one of thoes skions" NO ITS A SCION.

You spend hours debating what the licence plate will say.

The only two boxes in the mall lot are parked next to each other - and you park with them.

Your garage is full of OEM parts you are keeping in case you ever trade it in.

You've stepped on the gas and ... waited.

You feel cheated because you ONLY got 28 mpg at the last fill-up.

What you save in gas you spend on car care products.

Girlfriend is jealous that you spend more time rubbing your box and not enough time hers.

You avoid puddles after a rainstorm even though your car is already dirty.

You cant count how many bugs you hit in the last 10 minutes of driving.

When you drive an SUV and wonder why there isnt a lot of room inside.

You go to a local car show and dont know what class your going to be placed in suv, van, wagon or import.

You get offended when people tell you that you have a nice van.

You have a photoshoot and the backseat is the changing room for the models.

You turn down or turn off the A/C when accelerating on a hill, merging from an onramp, or passing cars.

When you park somewhere just to see how many people stare and point! I wonder what they are thinking?

You spot an xB cruising along and follow behind it in hopes other xBs show up and form a caravan
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