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It's been a loooooong time since I've been on here!

Anyways, I'm looking for a set of OEM tail lights for a 1st gen. Preferably unpainted; don't care if it's without bulbs. I want to paint some new designs and my current tail lights have such a thick coat of paint I've given up trying to re-do them. I think I have housings for another pair too, so if for some reason anyone has just the lenses, please PM me!

I've seen you can buy new online for ~$100 a pair, so I figured I would try here before going that route.

Thanks all!


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I don't have any spares, but a few years back I snagged some off eBay (to replace my cracked ones at the time) and they weren't that expensive. I think somewhere around $30 to $40 each...

There's some local guy here in AZ trying to sell some for around that price, but who knows if it would be possible to talk the seller into shipping them.

Well, shoot. Looks like he sold the right side one. Here's the ad for the left side:

Or else maybe try OfferUp, or junkyards...? Good luck, man.
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