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I just bought my first scion XB. I'm trying to find new rims to put on the stock tire (which are 205/55R16x6.5).

I made lots of research lately and finally found the rims I want: American Racing Casino AR683. On the site, when I set my vehicule for matching result, the rims comes out as an option. BUT lower in the tech specs it's written: *Not Recommended For Selected Vehicle.

The specs are:
Size: 16" x 7"
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.30
Offset: 42
BackSpacing: 5.65
CenterBore: 72.6
Load Rating: 1600 lbs

The only problem I noticed so far is the diameter 0.5'' too large. Is it a big issue? Is it dangerous? Is there anything else that could be a problem?

THX for your answers
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