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Why I absolutly hate people working on my car

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Made a appointment for new Tires and a alignment
Since I've changed out my whole front suspension.
Car is on lift and tires are off
They come and say they don't have the tires they told me yesterday
They had in stock so now I have to choose a crap tire they have available
Then as I'm watching,the tech is draining my oil !
I go to the counter and ask if a oil change is included with a alignment
Since I never asked for one?
They ended up giving me a free oil change
I told them the wheel covers are on the back seat and to throw them on when done
nope still sitting on the back seat when I went to the car
I didn't bother to say a thing since
At that point I knew I would never go back to that place in my lifetime.
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what do you mean? it's that stupid lame everywhere......and nowhere is cheap. less ridiculously expensive is close as that gets. makes you just want to ditch it and go get a new one vs having to pay to have someone who couldn't give a crap about your car much less have any pride in their work do anything to it if you can't fix it.
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See, IMO the good work should be rewarded, not required bribe up front to get good work....
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