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What did you do to your xb today??

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Im gona try and start a new thread on "What did u do to your XB today"

I'll start.

I put my winter tires away and put my spring/summer tires back on. Lowered it back down and put my Tusdo (sp) back on.

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Really Frank the only thing I remember was the passenger side was a PITA to do !! Took 2 times longer than the other side and yes it was tight !! I replaced mine with all American bolts as that's what came with the package I bought !!
Yes sir, it was difficult to get a spanner or a six point socket on it while laying under the vehicle. Maybe on a lift it could go quicker. An anchored inverted bolt having a self locking nut hold the stabilizer bushing bracket would also have been a nice original configuration.
DAMN... I have a pair of ramps that I used but I do agree with you , a lift would have been great !!!

I remember when you could rent a lift by the hour !! Am I dreaming or was in our area only ??
In 1970's Louisville there was a business which rented shop bays by the hour, including an in-ground lift. I do not know if they offered any rental shop tools or not. I never used their service; I was under my vehicles in my gravel driveway in those days. In modern times I am under my vehicles in a nice concrete driveway. This Monday I was using old dog bed cushions for padding and when the rain started the cushions gave off that Springtime fresh smell of wet dog. Lord have mercy! :|

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Just build a lift.... Lol
I have considered a wooden ramp several times. More times than Strom Thurmond was re-elected. One of many projects I was going to get around to some day. If I was young I would build one of the portable metal hydraulic scissor lifts. There is not enough time left now to benefit from the labor investment and use.
Just wrapped up a simple but long delayed LED swap for the HVAC. Eleven years ago I exchanged the amber covers on the OEM bulbs for red covers. Those left the outer perimeter of the dials less illuminated than the center. Got some red LEDs today and exchanged bases from the OEM bulbs for a perfect fit. I will slip them in the xB tomorrow. My thanks to se-r_dad for the motivation from his dash mod!

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...went LED on my HVAC several years ago when I had a bulb burn out !! Love my green look !!!
Did you have to swap bases, trim the lens' length, or add a resistor? Those seem to have been prerequisites several years back. The ones I used only needed the bases swapped. Maybe there is a direct replacement, no changes needed, LED somewhere.

Also; have you noticed it seems like Ray and se-r_dad never sleep? :confused:
Seriously man, do you ever sleep?
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dubeexb06: I am reasonably sure most everyone else here is younger than me. I know you are, youngster. I also know se-r_dad is the age of my youngest child. Ray has to be young, yet he references some old school topics. :confused:

Possibly the Tein hydraulic height adjustment system for the Gen1 xB would work for your geographic area.

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se-r_dad: Hopefully the FFF did not fall off. :rolleyes:
I didn't really get much done yesterday. I ended up having to take my daughter to the Dr. She was sick. Got one door done... Had another appt with my other daughter yesterday afternoon.
Hope the young ladies are doing better!

Great quality work! Did you use 50 mil and 80 mil?

Five or six years after buying the brand new TYC JDM headlamps and reversing the projector beams to LHD at that time, I am ready to seal the back access cut I made to remove the projectors. A buyer wants me to perform this and bring them this week when I visit family in Kentucky. I had hoped to have the xB ready to take to my daughter, but there still remains mods to complete which were in abeyance for many years. Practiced polypropylene welding on junk TYC headlamps and will reinforce the closure with fine wire mesh.

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That is very kind of you to state. My mods and repairs, regardless of their simplicity or complexity, all share the safety of being able to be reversed or replaced with comparable effort. Ray and se-r_dad, among others, engage in mods which often are irreversible without exponentially more difficulty or cost. To me, that takes both skill and guts.

What are you planning for your bumpers, grille, and hood; and for which xB?
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I need to stop thinking about air ride, I need to finish my Fire Sport, and get the Box painted.
There is always the Tein hydraulic. I would be glad to install one of them with you.
Are they even available anymore, can't find them
Here is a link, HYBRID WAGON DAMPER - PRODUCTS As we know, even when a product is shown on a website it may not still be available. The site does state the hydraulic damper is only available through a Tein Hybrid Technical Shop. One of them was listed a year or two ago on ClubxB.
How did your new strut/spring combo perform on the trip? Are you going to be in Boulder; curious to know how the xB does at the top of Estes Park. Pikes Peak would be interesting also; or even going up Vail Pass.
Nice grills! What brand are those and how was the fitment?
The fitment is precise. They were made as direct replacement for the upper grille, and to cover the black plastic middle and lower sections. The grilles are Gen1 Scion option number 00016-79045 made by Putco. Part number later changed to PTS32-52051. These were offered through Scion dealers.

The fog lamp covers are aftermarket, made by a guy in Florida. They are close in appearance to the Scion option grilles, but the material is not as thick.
Man I wish I hadent been cheep and purchased Frank's BB headlights. Cutting and getting this Fire Sport to fit US headlights has been a pain in my …
Although not easy, your work is impressive; and you have something unique in the USDM!
Worked in the Fire Sport
Most impressive! High level handmade craftsmanship. :cool:
Figured it out! Take a towel and wrap it around the silver shock part need the ball. Pinch it with vise grips, it will unscrew from the ball!

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Is the ball left by itself? Or, is the black end of the piston left on the ball?

Well that’s a wrap! Now I’m happy!
Looks great! The cylinder straight line gives a better visual compared to the previous angle. Does the hood clear now?
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Thanks guys, hay Frank, I didn't have to cut it. Just cut the mounting bracket to push the billet further back and trim the
Fire Sport a bit.

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Too perfect! I did not think that would fit without cutting the billet center. Another cool thing, since you have a second complete billet set, you can change to a silver look in a short time if you wanted to do so. Your FireSport looks great in the pictures and is impressive in person.

All I got done today was cut grass and cut back bushes and tree limbs before the gully washer storm hit here. Then I relaxed and had some good strawberries and blueberries. Thank you for those!
Bad mounting point broke on Fire Sport after two days for driving on the hwy back and fourth. SMHHHH. I got to figure something out.
:eek: That totally sucks. :confused: Last Saturday, I do not remember any kind of pressure being on the grille. Hope the repair is not too much trouble.
Today I replaced my alternator on the xB due to shearing the head of the alternator tensioner bolt.
Well done! Saved a heap of money doing that yourself. :cool:
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