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What did you do to your xb today??

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Im gona try and start a new thread on "What did u do to your XB today"

I'll start.

I put my winter tires away and put my spring/summer tires back on. Lowered it back down and put my Tusdo (sp) back on.

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JOhnny! didn't we talk to you about licking the bird poo off the car!!! eewwww!!! That's it You're goin back in the red helmet! lmao!! :p
Put put new Wheels and helper bags on. I love my box!
helper bags??
had a friend help fix my air ride! and replaced a switch since we had it torn apart. :)
Mine just got a bath. So she can get taped up in the morning for the Box the dragon trip. :D
Ive been researching and ordering parts for MANY projects currently on going.

I have an armrest I ordered when I bought my box, what i really WANT is one that has the storage in it. so if anyone knows where to find one PLEASE let me know! :D
I got my headiner done today! Pix to floow. Hafta wait till daylight.
Spent even more $$ on mine for all the current projects I have goin on.
I placed a second order in 2 weeks from oznium. ;)
Mine got new tires. she gets an allignment in the morning!
one thing about mounting it like that, like mine was, you cant use the little water drain on the bottom of the tank
true I didn't realize mine had been mounted like that.. a year n a half later...
last wknd my brother N i changed the tank to a skinner alum tank &
the old one had at least a gallon of water in it from not being able to be drained. :(

the new one was adapted with brackets so as the drain is on the bottom now.. and it has a semi truck pull cord release to drain the water instead of a petcock drain or having to run water seperators. This was a super cool thing my brother came up with! :D
Had my new decals cut for the new hatch today.. yay in time for BITS. lol
I removed the blue tape from the bits trip. lol

I was to exhausted to do it last night OR unpack the car till today. lol
Washed it and were at a small private scool car show.
Figured we (the box n I) would support the local community.
Results to follow.
Congrats Russ! mine didnt turn out so well. Lol
Participant judging... Just a popularity contest. 5 cars in my class
Only one with a cpl mods n i didnt even place. :(

Oh well got another show next sat.
Fixed a sudden major air line leak today. Thank god for compression fittings! Lol
Sadly this repair cost ME significant dna loss. Lol
Took mine to a show today. she got 1st in best Import/ tuner.
WTG! got any pics?
Congrats Deb!!!
^^^ Great Job John and Deb!!!

Thanks ya'll!! Sorry for the delayed responce.. lots goin on.. WAYYYY to much on MY plate rite now! lol dad was sick, mom just totalled her car facial and pelvis fractures.. sigh... i need a vacation! lol
can I come stay with someone? lol

SOOO... I have a new headunit enroute.. Pioneer avic z130bt.. got sattalite radio in the other day... next cpl mos as 2nd job checks come in I'll be getting dvd headrests x4, sunvisors with monitors x2, rear view mirror with monitor.
THEN I'll have to get it all installed lol and spend another pay check just on install! . lol

PLUS in the next 5 mos.... she'll be paid off!!! YAY!!!! Gonna start doubling up pmts in aug.
bought the pioneer AVICz130BT and satalite radio got it installed a week ago,
and doin new brakes today. ;)
??? uhm I didn't win that.. Zack did.. lol
been a few weeks for me since i've shown.
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