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What did you do to your xb today??

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Im gona try and start a new thread on "What did u do to your XB today"

I'll start.

I put my winter tires away and put my spring/summer tires back on. Lowered it back down and put my Tusdo (sp) back on.

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I drove it last night then earlier today and will be painting on it later. schwaaaaaaaaaa
i stared at it. come after june 25th.....going to repaint new stuff on the hood and front bumper. just going to paint over it. no clear coats. gives it more character.
ok. earlier today on my way to work, i ran over a dead cat (which i think is a bad omen for the rest of the day). had no way to evade the situation so i ended up dragging it for a good 15ft. it was gross. so being that a DEAD CAT exploded underneath my car, i noticed three neighborhood cats hanging around my car since i got home from work. :eek:

and that's what i had done with the xB today.
i left an empty donut box in the car for like a week. now it smells incredibly UGH inside.

i took a picture of it ^_^
I have been collecting parts like :

lug nuts
front bumper
rear bumper
camber bolts

hopefully i can put them on when i have time. post pictures and what not ^_^
who's Daylo ? ;)
aggressive much?

fitment approved? 19x8.5 wheels with +8 offset. not on airbags. excuse the paint and other crap. still in progress.

***Lexion wheels by Ray's Engineering and this was done yesterday. going to tackle the rear wheels today (19x9.5 wheels with +2 offset ^_^)


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