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What did you do to your xb today??

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Im gona try and start a new thread on "What did u do to your XB today"

I'll start.

I put my winter tires away and put my spring/summer tires back on. Lowered it back down and put my Tusdo (sp) back on.

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i just cleaned the bird **** that was on my car.
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JOhnny! didn't we talk to you about licking the bird poo off the car!!! eewwww!!! That's it You're goin back in the red helmet! lmao!! :p
you did??? damn! no wonder it tasted so bittery. LOL!!! :eek: :rolleyes: :D
i didnt do this to my xB, the hot/cold weather did. i guess i consider myself lucky since this is my first windshield crack...

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Hmm... My brother and I switched the dying 7 year old stock battery out with Interstate battery.
Installed an AUX cable for my '06 stock stereo (T1807) in my '05 xB. Now I can play music from Pandora (online). Hehe...

In middle of installation.
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Today, I let my xB scream and almost redlining it in the rain. :D
I took my grandpa to places since he has a minor flu and could not drive because he is tired.
Today, I upgraded my headunit from Pioneer T1807 to T1806. :D
Went to Target, but when I got out, my xB got squeezed in between a Lexus ES330 and Lincoln Navigator in the compact spots. LOL!!!
Drove in the rain today...
OMG NO WAY!!! lol i did the same thing... and our rain is nothing like SoCal rain... yall freak out sooo much worse than we do with snow
Exactly! If we have rain like what you guys have, we won't get out of the house. LOL!
I just realigned my rear bumper after going over a curb. LOL!!!
Today, I drove my xB to a ClubxB meet.
Can't sleep, so I did these minor adjustments earlier this morning, which has been bothering me for quite some times now...

Whomp whomp. I noticed that one of the tabs on the front bumper (the one between the bumper and the fender) were cracked due to the front bumper dropping on the curb while backing up awhile ago. It still holding up after tightening the screw.

While inspecting the car, I noticed that I was missing 2 clips or screws that was holding up the plastic thing by the radiator. This was one of the areas that makes the rattle sound.

Zip ties does the job.

Next up, adjusting the headlight. The driver's side sits a little off than the passenger's side. It looks better now, still off though, unless I do some more dremeling...
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Looking good, Dion!
Stop tempting me! You know how weak I am....
Those ARE the droids you're looking for! :D
Washed my xB tonight.
I took 4 other people to lunch today. My poor xB was struggling. LOL!
It has been awhile since I got any JDM sh¡t for my car. LOL!

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Went to get gas today. The pump over filled my xB. Gasoline poured out.
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