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What did you do to your xb today??

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Im gona try and start a new thread on "What did u do to your XB today"

I'll start.

I put my winter tires away and put my spring/summer tires back on. Lowered it back down and put my Tusdo (sp) back on.

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Having my one tire that was destroyed from running the old ES front bags replaced. Found one with the same amount of tread as the other 3, 45.00 mounted and balanced. Its a little sketchy watching them dismount/mount on the leadsled though. I'm standing over the guy now, watching him work. So far he hasn't hurt the wheel. We'll see if I get what I pay for......
Sucks to see Justin. But go to a shop that will work with you. A CF hood and body kit is cheaper than OEM parts. Just ask the outright during the appraisal, its not illegal or anything. I've done it a few times. And doing that, there may be $ left over for some 2 tone paint or graphics!
LOL, I meant ask them outright, the body shop that is. The adjuster doesn't need to know ****, they are just gonna ok the estimate. The body shop will include an OEM hood and other parts on the estimate, which costs more than the aftermarket. Then you work with the body shop getting the stuff you really want. Call me if you need any info, i've done this before and have several friends in the biz that do it regularly. Its totally legit, the only way the insurance company would balk at it is if your trying to get more expensive stuff than what the OEM costs.
AND I got my tag light LEDs to work... I know it seems simple, but it's a big deal to me. :)
Good to hear Megan!
Nope, its good to see. Helps motivate us slackers!
Mike, I didn't get anymore texts, so assuiming you got that issue resolved? and like D says, PICS!

B #2 needed a new battery yesterday, so while i was swapping, took the opportunity to put the "rebuilt" clock spring in, so now it has airbag and horn! Almost done fixing all the retarded things the previous owner did to that poor box......
I tore mine apart and started sanding and masking.
finished up final assembly and I FINALLY got to drive mine after 5 weeks of it sitting in the garage for paint! I missed it....

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LOL. That's at my sister's house. Her and my brother in law decided they were both going to get new cars. She went and bought the FJ, he bought the damn Soul! There was 3 other Scions there you can't see. So we give him lots of **** about the Soul.
T, he is 6'6", about 450 pounds...... so kicking him outta the family is not much of an option. I still don't know how he fits in the damn thing. He said he went to buy a gen 2 xB, but it had less room for him. I haven't sat it in yet to see for myself.
finally got this from Will (Gothbox), been wanting it forever.

Had to do some machining to a shift knob to make it work with it, and the AT.
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i need a flash drive that is card-shaped.
T, keep an eye out for a package from the great PNW.....
I washed mine today, and drove it for the first time in 6 days. It was so nice to drive again after that long.

I used the bases off the F1 CF mirrors to make my side mirror deletes. Fit is kinda shady, gonna re-make some outta OEM mirrors.
I left my xB out of the garage all night cause my wife almost hit a pedestrian in hers and was scared he was gonna come find her, so put her's in the garage. LOL. I parked it in the grass, right outside my bedroom window though.

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scraped my front lip again entering the well.
Lets bag it, then you won't do that anymore!
I started my OG box last night for the first time in over a week. Then put some stockies and 25mm hub spacers on Box#2 so i can drive it all winter:(
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