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So since the first day I had my 2011 xB, the AUX-IN didn't work. And up until lately, I've not had a reason to use it as I used an iPhone 5 for my music. (mainly playing Pandora) However, with in this last week I've decided to ditch my iPhone and replace it with a Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 1020, and I love it). So the first thing I tried was connecting the USB port like I did with the iPhone. Well apparently Windows 8 Mobile doesn't support Audio Out USB. (rumor has it that the 8.1 update will, but not set in stone)

So now that I am forced to use Aux/In if I want to listen to Pandora via phone, I had to find the route of the issue. First thing I did was check the wires to make sure that when I relocated the USB/AUX port to the shift bezel that I didn't cut or pull a wire out of the harness. (there is a how-to in DIY section if you're interested in doing the same)

No wires were cut/removed so next step was to check the connections out behind the radio. (pull radio bezel out, and 1" trim filler piece above HVAC and below radio, (4) 10mm bolts to remove radio). The harness inside connection to the radio was there and connected (and it was the proper radio as someone here recently, had an issue with getting a 05-08 radio in his 09+).

Midway through the USB/AUX port harness there is a secondary harness. I had forgot about this secondary junction as I have not ever disconnected it. Insuring that it was still properly connected it left only one option.

A damaged circuit board in the USB/AUX input its self. So the easy way to test this was to connect the AUX cord to the phone and hub. Then try moving the board around to see if the radio would register the input being connected. To do this, you need to tare down the hub, and all the protective plastic around it. There should be 4 pieces to it. 3 trims and 1 with the actual USB/AUX unit.

After it was taken apart, I plugged the harness back into the stripped down hub. Plugged in my Aux cord to the phone, and to the hub its self and then started wiggling it about to see if the radio would register it (oh, the radio needs to be on during this check). Side to side did nothing, but when I bent it upward (towards the USB port), the AUX display lit up on my radio! SUCCESS! So I've found the issue. Now to resolve it.

After taking a closer look at the AUX circuit board, I noticed it was cracked near the pin connecters in front of the two screws. Seeing this I figured the easiest thing to do is get a new media hub. After acquiring one, and giving it a test, THEY WORK! Both of them.

Most Toyota's use the same hub. Some luxury models may have a different option added in that spot, but as long as you find the USB/AUX one it'll be a direct replacement.

The part number you are looking for is 86190-0R010 <~~Price is about $70-100 for a factory part. Or you can always search junk yards.

Attached are a few images of my bad media hub.

I hope you find this useful, and that it may help you find and fix a issue you are having with a USB or AUX input not properly working.


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