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A year since some idiot decided to steal my xB and me getting another one.
I guess it was fate. I love this box!

When she first came home.

A week later.

Months into it.

Smashed into a very large object..

A couple weeks after the wreck, I stitched and threw her back together.

Somewhere to work for once. Sitting wider and lower.

A few minor changes since.

As she sits now.

Still looking for new things to do..always changing things. Apparently I take bits and pieces from other people's ideas and throw them together onto my box. For all the haters who hate, they keep me kickin'.

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Wheels look crazy good. Can you post a close up of the bumper to fender tie thingy?
Its a quick release latch to allow easy removal of the front bumper.

@therealenthusiast: Its about time you started a thread:D

Here our some pics I took:

Meet and Greet Pic:

1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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