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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I pose this dilemma: I have a huge ported box for 2 cheapo 10" subwoofers. I want my trunk back. I want to go with a square sub from Kicker, cause I like the increased surface area (plus it matches my xB shape) However, my dilemma between a 15" sub with 500RMS, 4ohm and matching amp wired in parallel total about $300ish OR 12" 750RMS with matching amp also wired in parallel, totaling about $490.

The 15" has 225 sq. in, and the 12 has 144 sq. in. and my current set up has about 160 sq. in. but only about 350rms. Whatever happens, there is a power boost. The box will be sealed and fiberglass. I don't know which option is better. The larger moves more air, is awesomer, but has less power. The smaller I feel like would sound better (more expensive must mean better quality <this is both serious and sarcastic>), has more power, takes less space but moves less air..

Summary: More surface area or more power?

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The twelve will probably hit a little harder, but it'll all depend on the box's design, as well. I would do the twelve just because you want your trunk space back ;)

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For $195 on Amazon you can pick up a Sundown SA-12 D2. This thing is a friggin MONSTER at a decent cost. Hell, I'd wager the SA-10 ($185) would outblast that Pioneer TS-3002D4 sub.

As for the amp, I'd look for something like the HiFonics Zeus ZRX1500.1D for $160.

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I am car audio and there is a lot of misconception going on here.

First off, you do not measure cone area by squaring the advertised size.

To find the area of a circle is Pi(r^2).

So, a 12 would be 113 but this isn't correct either.

The proper way is the Sd value rating in the TS parameters.

Most 12s have an Sd rating of 470-530 cm^2.

2nd, the terminology used here is wrong too.

the size of a sub does not dictate if it will hit harder, that's dictated on the effect internal volume and tuning(if ported) of the enclosure to the mass of transducers installed.

This thread appears that the OP wants loud..
You do not use Sealed enclosure if you want loud.

You want a 4th order ported enclosure. That will sound both good and can easily equal the output of 2-4 subs.

Yes, 1 12" ported can equal the output of 2-4 12s sealed.

Next, i would shy away from most mainstream companies as they source out to oversea buildhouses who have very rarely changed performance of subs for the customer.

Support those who get involved in customizing their drivers for the customer.

Sundown is one of them.

Incriminator Audio
Ascendant Audio
DC Soundlab
Fi Car Audio

You should also know that Fi Car Audio is the only American build house who also OEMs for some of those companies listed including Crossfire.

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To my knowledge, Crossfire is going to be building their higher end drivers in house.
Good friend of mine is sponsored by them. Great subs.

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They have been OEMd by Fi, but I do believe they're taking everything to Texas.
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