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Hi, I have a 2004 Gen 1, RS1 xb. It has the early steering wheel (no buttons), and the early radio (no aux inputs). I want to convert it to the later 2006 style systems, with audio controls in the steering wheel, the 2006 optional stock radio with the silver knobs, and the center console with the openings for the aux inputs. I like to keep things stock, nearly.
I was just wondering if anybody has tried this before or knows if there are any parts i may need that i haven't thought of. I am not sure if the harnesses were separate from the body harness or if they were individual for a retro-fit.
parts I think i need
-steering wheel
-steering wheel trim and buttons
-air bag
-radio to steering wheel harness
-center console
-radio to center console harness
-ipod cable

anyone try this before???
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