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Hello everyone I have a few questions im new at cars i been having my Scion Xb 2005 for awhile now and I love it. I went on vacation and my neighbor crashed into my parked car. Hit the wheel part and put my car up the curb. Attached i will show pictures. Basically she has an insurance I had never heard of but they said the estimate on my car is $827. They basicalky are only fixing the door the fender bender and my bumper. My bf says that no where it says about the axle or checking anything else basically they are only fixing it to look better. My door doesnt close and my bf says my wheel is not aligned so the axle might have been damaged I have not moved my car at all. I miss it 馃槴 but looking at the pictures and what i told you guys does that sound like a good amount? I havent agreed to that amount just yet. I'm actually going to try to drive it this weekend and see if i feel anything weird.

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that is a garbage crap price they are giving you !
my 05 was damaged similar but less then that
my washer bottle was smashed
and my door was ok and my estimate was 1900 !
I see a easy 2k in damage there
your bumper cover is shot
but you need to check the actual bumper and brackets underneath it to make sure they are all not bent up
as mine were
I would be getting some more quotes and fighting them if it was me !

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Hi, at an exterior view only, I feel the repair parts would be close to $1,100 not including about $1,200 in labor. Then add in about $950 to paint the replaced parts. No telling what hidden damage is underneath until the body shop gets inside.
Although the xB is a great vehicle, the total to repair may exceed its seventeen-year-old book value.

I am in Georgia and do not know the legal statutes in Illinois, but I would be surprised if you do not have rights which mandates the other driver's insurance company to work with your insurance agent, and a body shop, to ascertain and cover repairs based on Scion original parts. Meaning, you do not have to accept cheap aftermarket parts.

Good luck with the situation. I hope it is not totaled.

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$827 won't even cover the parts, let alone the labor. At barre minimum you need a new bumper cover, passenger fender and door skin. Then you've got the labor for painting and replacing all the parts plus the labor for pulling out the damage to the passenger rocker panel and re-painting it. This is assuming there is nothing wrong with the suspension or any of the parts under the fender and bumper. Oh, and if you were pushed up on the curb then I would bet the wheel needs to be re-finished and/or repaired as well. Rough guess I'd say your in the $2,500-3,000 range depending on labor rates in your area.

I'm assuming the estimate was based off of pictures only and that they didn't even send out an adjuster. You need to get an adjuster out there or have it taken to a body shop for an estimate. Also since this will be in the shop for a while you'll need her insurance to cover a rental car. If need be get your insurance involved on your side, this is what they are for.
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