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March 25th
Smithtown Scion People's Choice Car Show
12noon to 4pm

XA- mild & wild
XB- mild & wild
TC- mild & wild
total of 6 awards
raffles by Underground Tinting, Parts Shipper

25 cars will be picked for the show from applications submitted.
please submit the following to smithtown scion at [email protected]
phone #
email address
mod list
photos of car
mild or wild catagory
by March 14th
picked list will go up March 15th

good luck everyone!!!!

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Hey jennay this just may be the NEO BUYS HIS RIDE MEET....aswell... Who knows...

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just added to the show....
Underground Tinting of Bohemia will have a table setup to answer your Qs & will be donating a Gift Certif for a tint job to the raffles :D

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This is gonna be a great show...start registering cause spots are filling up real fast. We may just scratch the limit so everyone can get a spot. We got the room for you guys so come on down:cool:

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Ok guys...before I post this list, we at Smithtown Scion want to thank everyone who submitted their ride in for the show. We would also like to thank Jennay for putting in all the hardwork and effort that she has done to get this show to where it is today. We were shocked at the fact that we had over 50 applicants!!!! Chosing rides was a lot harder than we thought as myself, Steve, and Jen all sat there for an hour and a half sorting through all the applications. Well, here it goes, here is the long anticipated list of the 26 rides picked for the show, yes we were able to squeeze in 1 more ride than originally planned
*names & screen names are from either SL or NRG or from the email

xa mild
dennis aka ghstgod
craig aka caffinefreak
josh aka satmax
jimmy c

xa wild
brian aka slickxa

xb mild
jim aka big jim
chris aka cbsimonsez
jay aka krazyjay
marlon aka big bird
david aka dghotlava

xb wild
jeff aka lip
rene aka gondelero
ethan aka bigekonig
tony aka h82blgl
tegan aka wackblackxb

tc mild
john d
ashli akatcjade
amanda aka tc2c
rich aka douyon
nick aka krdshrk

tc wild
alex aka PlayinWithFire
chris aka Ckrivenki
kristine aka dAdDySgIrL

All picked applicants will be notified via email & please reply that
you are definitely coming. If you can not attend please notify us
immediately so we can fill the spot with someone from the list of applicants. Thanks everyone!!! Cant wait to see ya on march 25th at Smithtown Scion!!!

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wow! i am speechless. i'm still replaying everything in my mind from yesterday. it was an amazing & long & fun filled day!!! the day started early in the AM & by the time it was midnight i was so tired but still so wanted to hang for the after after party but i was just shot! i hope i didnt miss out on to much at the after after party!! i know the after party at sportsplus was just one laugh after another!!! mmm yummy guinness...made me happy! lol like vito said after 65 scions we stopped counting. so busy throughout the day making sure everyone was having a great time. i feel like i missed out on so much but there where just so many laughs & fun going on all over the place that it was impossible to be a part of every conversation. i never even made it upstairs to make sure everything was ok! lol hearing everyone stories last night was great! i am glad everyone had a blast! i know i definitely did!!!

thanks to
the NRG members who came early to help out big time
to all of NRG for driving the long haul & making this another awesome successful event
to all the show participants, sweet rides, keep it up!!!!
to Smithtown Scion for hosting the event & funding it
to the guys of Smithtown Scion-Steve, Vito, Mike & Anthony- you guys rock!
to the Scion reps Scott and Sean for coming to hang out & see how serious we are about our Scions
to Parts Shipper Jeff & Dave for the awesome raffle prizes!! you guys rock!!! i know many people left with huge smiles on their face when they got the strup exhaust, strup header, sway bar GC!!!
to DJ Yahoo spinning the tunes all day long!

congrats to all the winners!!!! there were over 100 votes!!!! keep up the sweet work!!!!

NRG hug to all!!!!
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