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This thread is to share your positive/good experience that you have had with either the Seller and/or Buyer through Classified(s). This will give the Seller and Buyer some background on their reputation.

This thread in no means will guarantee that you will have the greatest deals on earth, yet rather give you the transactions that have been honored within both parties.

• In order to participate on this thread, you must have had a positive/good experience within both parties and to post the link of classified where transaction have been made. (Link is a must to prove actual transaction made within both parties)

• Please do not add any transactions made through PM (Private Message). Private classified within both parties is not to be posted and is not valid without actual classified posted here on

• This thread is to be ON TOPIC ONLY. Any “Off topic” post(s) made by members will receive an Infraction and/or BANNED till proper action has been made.

• DO NOT post/add/reply with negative comments towards any Seller and/or Buyer. This is for “Positive and “Good” experience within both parties.

• Do Not Bump for Seller and/or Buyer. It has to be an actual transaction(s) made with both parties in order to be valid., Site owners, administrator, and moderators do not guarantee the validity of the experience within the both parties posted on this thread. This thread and its comments are solely given by both parties.

As with any transactions on classifieds, use your discretion and give/receive proper information.

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