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A message from TANGO!

I received this e-mail from Dan this morning:

I need your help!!

I am hoping you guys can help me out! As I mentioned in the roundtable, we
are having a HUGE event on April 8th at Bengies Drive In Theatre in
Dundalk, Md (just outside of Baltimore City). You can get details at

Can you help me in two ways? First, can you get the pub going on
Scionlife, and post the event on a sticky?

Secondly, can you let me know of some vendors you think would like to be
contacted about setting up a booth here? There will be NO CHARGE for
vendors, but we will need to know who is coming prior to the event. It
will be well worth their being there. The car show is from 3PM to 8PM, and
the the films run until 1 or 2 AM.
We are expecting, with your help obviously, 300-500 Scions and another
couple hundred others, mainly import tuners.

Let me know -


*****Just so you know, for the day of the event, we can hold up to 750
vehicles! We will have roll-in for SCIONS ONLY from Noon to 2PM. Others
wishing to show can come in from 2PM - 3PM, and open to the public entry
after 3PM. We will have prizes in MANY categories, etc. More details to
follow. will not go live until tomorrow night (Friday 02.03.06)
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