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first off, i wanted to thank all the supporters of Scinergy! you guys rock! :bow:

our flyer.

here are the pics! (sorry for some blurry pics)

started driving on the 605 after i picked up my sister. (good to have her as my photographer)

only problem that i had is that she takes a lot of random pics, like when im driving.

on Beach Blvd at about 3:45pm.

near Knott's front entrance.


Knott's front entrance.

lots of Scions.

these people are kicking back. haha!


after i parked and walk around part of the parking lot, i head to the VIP section.

Scinergy members kicking back.

a LOT of Scions in the parking lot.

Taz's recently installed bags.

after getting some snacks, it was time to check out some rides.

that head on the floor and that guy scares me.

my sweet ride!!!

inside this xB...

...has a small bike.

got toast?

Sid and his wife.


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after taking pics in the car show section, it was time to go inside the park for the unveiling.

after walking through the fog and those people tried to scare us inside the park, we founded our car.

first glimpse of the Scinergy's xA

Scion Evolution and Scinergy's cars are still cover.

people cheering at the stage.

the cool guys!

more cheering.

SE's models

Scion District Manager Jeff Bal!

after waiting for awhile, Xzibit finally came out! (sorry for a bad pic)

here is a 3min clip of it.

after the performance, it was time to unveil our xA!

SE's turn!

after everybody scream and making noises, it was time to decide who wins. when they announce the winner, everyone was quiet....


we WON!!! Holy Crap!!!

more pics of Scinergy's xA

SE's xA.

facial expression tells all.

back to our xA.

back to SE's xA.

after yelling and cheering, everybody was relaxing.

last shot of the night.

after chatting and taking pics, my sister and i were getting tired. so we left at around 9:30pm.

thanks for looking!

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Awesome pics! THANKS Johnny!

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my favorite part of that is ...

"we WON!!! Holy Crap!!!" lmao

nice pics Johnny!

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Dang I wish I could’ve gone!

Nice ‘pics, sounds like everyone had a great time. I couldn’t get anyone to cover my shift at work. . . I should’ve called in sick!

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Nice pics. Makes me wish I didn't live in Houston, I get to miss all the action.
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