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I have a 2014 XB release series that I love so much I bought two of them one we use often and one I use very little. It's garaged and has 18,000 miles on it. One is 768/1500 the second one is 1280/1500.
I'm hoping to find out some information about modifying my XB. I want to have some high-end lighting put underneath as well as in the grills, but I'm so hesitant do you have any of my original wiring or anything touched am I just overreacting? This is my baby and I love it. If you're familiar with this release series 10, you know it has a puddle light with the Scion xB logo that project under the rear end and also the door sills that are lit up with Scion logo. I would also like the undercarriage lights to come on in sync with that logo just to see around the car with like puddle lights.
I have searched all around for someone that could install cornering lights you know all good cars back in the day have cornering lights since 1963. when they were mounted correctly like they were in the 1970 series Lincoln Continentals they were excellent safety features I'm frequently on dark roads and I don't want to go into a culvert or a ditch! I figure some kind of an LED projection lamp could be installed on some sort of a frame underneath the front fender side panel it would require no body modification, yet it would illuminates a wide beam, the fixture wouldn't even be visible. It
would come on when the turn signal was engaged. I so want to have some cornering lights applied. But now since I'm wanting to modify I would love to have the blind-spot warning and the automatic brake are brake assist installed aftermarket. Does anybody think I'm crazy or does anybody happen to know what I should do to try to find somebody that could do this work for me thanks for your replies Joe
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