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Im in Orange County, Ca!
(some drunk guy hydroplaned into my 06 xb... damaged my whole front drivers side fender and bumper area. My insurance took his side....BS)
I know you mentioned interior parts you're selling, but if you are selling more... Pleaaaassseee pretty please hit me up . I can drive to you!
I'm so sorry to hear about your xB! I have to be honest, I had someone hit my passenger side at the fender, so the front bumper has damage on that side and along the bottom because it fell off and scraped on the road. It is attached on the passenger side by a screw where the pin was destroyed. I have to take it to retirement and it needs to be street legal and drive itself there (one of the requirements), so I don't think I could part these out anyway, that's why I was focusing on interior. Let me know if there's anything else you need!
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