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My new (to me) 2005 xB had a cracked marker lamp that still worked, but half the red plastic was gone. I ordered a new lamp and set about replacing it.

First off, removing one of these marker lamps is not as easy as I thought it would be. Checking out YouTube videos, a lot of marker lamps can just be popped out. I had to undo a bolt in the wheel well to peel back the bumper and get in there. Once I got a bolt off of the inside of the lamp, I was able to remove it.

Now here's the 'but'. But once I got the lamp out, I couldn't disconnect the connector thingie that snaps onto the lamp. It was corroded and gross. I broke apart the old lamp just trying to free it. By the time that was done, one of the wires was dangling from the connector, and one of the old prongs from the lamp was lodged in the connector.

So, I went online to find a new connector, and discovered this:


That long wire that runs along the bottom of the back of the car... that is this wire, yes? I looked up the part number, 82214, in Google and this photo came up:
And those ends look just like what I need.

To those who have replaced marker lamps before and know what these look like... is this the right part number for me to order? And do you think I could just cut the connector off of this new wire and connect the wires from mine to it? Or do I need to replace this wire entirely? Thank you! :D

Much appreciated!
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