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Replace Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV)

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Hi all,

I have an xB it just passed 294k, and I've had a P0011 code for a while, apparently I fixed it because the last obd read I did doesn't have it but I still have similar symptoms, loss of power, that "open" sound around 3.5k isn't really there, a slight fluttery idle, but if I didn't surpass like 45mphish for an extended period of time the light would come off and I'd have vvti again for about 30 minutes of highway driving.

But lately it's been constantly on and I had it scanned by AutoZone today and it recommended to replace the EGR Vacuum Solenoid, I was wondering if this is the thing it's talking about, and where I could find one as Google results look different from what I have, plus there doesn't seem to be any videos for the 1nz to fix it.

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