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Hello everyone,

I've run into a bit of a problem with my xb. The rear suspension sags to much if I put a heavy load on it.

I know what your thinking and I have already installed an Air Lift 1000 helper bag system, but sadly it isn't enough to support it. :eek: I know...

So I'm wanting to change the rear spring for some of those heavy duty airbags I see people using in the air suspension systems. But the problem is, I don't know the first thing about air suspension and worst off I want to do it a bit different than most people do.

Basically I just want the bags and the ability to fill them using my home compressor, and cap them off. Much like a tire. I don't want the air pump, or controller, or the tank etc. Can you guys help me pick a decent set of rear airbags and whatever accessories I might need to install them in the fashion mentioned?

Here's a couple pics to prove I'm not just BS'ing you guys. I'm an extreme hobbiest to say the least and just trying to get my xb to play along. And I know, I know... to much weight for an xb and I'm stupid and excessive and I need to grow up and all those other things people say who don't like my hobby... :crying:

Thanks in advance everyone !


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It's basically the same idea as what you have with the helper springs. Difference is you would remove the stock springs and replace them with bags.

Use DOT approved air hose and put quick connect air hose connectors fitted to the lines to fill them. Since most bags are designed with lowering in mind I would suggest looking at the rear sleeved bags that Air Lift makes for the xB. They get more lift than most of the other set-ups out there. Either that or look into some double or triple bellow bags.

Here is the rear kit from Air Lift.

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Actually on second thought. Since the weight is from your system and is not something you put in and out it would probably be best to just get some custom springs made that have a much higher spring rate than stock. That way you don't have to worry about checking the air pressure or dealing with leaks.
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