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Maybe I'm just a whiny b*tch about it but I felt the need to rant about responding to PM's

I think its common courtesy to respond to a PM.
I know you may get some from n00bs asking the stupid question,
maybe a random comment on your car or post or something,
maybe even a super long and boring story that you absolutely dont care about and stop reading halfway through, but PLEEEEAAASSEEEE be a nice human being and respond with SOMETHING!

Especially when someone is offering you money for a part you have for sale!

Maybe the forsale/fortrade thread is old, maybe it got closed without someone saying it was sold.

Who knows? Just respond, please?

Everyone (well most everyone) knows what the "opened/read" message icon looks like and when I look in my outbox, its like a slap in the face when I've asked you something, I can see you opened the message, but don't write anything back? come on now.

feel free to share your thoughts.

end rant.
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