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Been driving another vehicle for the last month, but the codes are (as of today):


I moved the coil pack to cylinder #3 , same result (code still on cylinder #4 ). The power lag is gone after I replaced the coil pack, but those codes are somewhat new.

Compression Test Results:

#1 : 90
#2 : 160
#3 : 165
#4 : 60

Ran #1 and #4 again, came up with 90 and 65, respectively. Then did #2 , #4 again, same numbers.

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MAF sensor?
Cleaning my SRI and MAF fixed all my problems, increased my MPG too.

Sock and filter are two separate things.

Probably best to replace both. Probably something you won't do again in the lifetime or your ownership.

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The issue is something is reacting with a lag. Clogged filter could cause the pump to struggle pushing the fuel through it at higher demand acceleration moments.

One other thought. Are you sure the grounding spade from the engine harness (drivers side of the engine) isn't loose? Engine movement could be causing a temporary interruption of the ground to the injectors causing your injectors to pause. Thus another cause of fuel starvation.
Possible but probably not...............

I had this same hesitation frustration nonsense between 2-3k whether cold or warmed up. Not plugs, not coils, not filter, not pump, not injectors, not PCV, not P0442 or P0456 evap codes, not faunky gas, not dirty air filter. Not any of that. What made it go away was simply feeding it a new, oem 22204-22010 MAF sensor, $17 shipped. No computer reset no nothing. Swapped it out and 2 minutes of driving and no more hesitation. Drove it back and forth to work 20 miles and no issue whatsoever.
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