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Figured id make a post for my newest addition to my first gen xb.

Long story short, I am installing air ride and I needed somewhere to put my tank and compressor but I wasn't willing to take out my little sub and lose all storage. Then the disco shelf idea happened . I took out my plastic false floor that hides my spare tire and traced it onto a piece of plywood, taking off a few inches to accommodate the angle of the seat as the shelf would sit 12 inches higher than the plastic false floor.

What you need:
Cotton for some added thickness if the fabric is thin, optional.
Spray adhesive
Black paint
Saw of some sort, jigsaw was handy for the angles of the shelf
Wood screws.
A 8 foot 2 x4

After cutting out the shape of my shelf I sanded it down on the edges.

Then I chose my height that I needed (min 6 anda half inches to clear my air tank)

Cut the 2x4 to desired height.

Fit it up in the trunk, square off the legs and screw them to the shelf.

Paint the legs.

Spray adhesive the shelf surface, pull cotton over it.

Spray adhesive the cotton and pull the fabric. Flip it over and staple it nice and tight to give it a clean appearance.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could even install an LED strip across the underside. In considering it to light up and show off my air ride set up.

Voila, disco shelf is born. And you can easily change the fabric by just really wrapping it!


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