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Hey xB community, I've made it 1,000 miles and 3 months with absolutely no issues from my little xB. However last Saturday it died while putting around a parking lot, I thought "no big deal, maybe I popped the clutch and wasn't paying attention " I drove it another 50 miles that day, no issues.

Today I get in the car and start it up and I feel a slight rough idle, then 30 seconds later the engine shuts off, and now it cranks but no start. At first it would kinda start and I could rev the engine while cranking, but now it's all crank and no start.

So I'm kinda getting the same issue I had a year ago. Last year cleaning the MAF sensor seemed to solve the issue, but I'm wondering if I should just all-out replace the sensor, and possibly replace the can position sensor while I'm at it?

Car has 190k miles on it, is a 5 speed, and I'm all for slapping new parts on it because I believe our xB's are excellent cars and should stay on the road as long as possible.
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