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Oil Burning issues, Anybody?

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Does anyone have oil burning issues?
158k + miles now.
She burns through a quart every 11 - 1200 miles. There is no oil under the engine or under the car at all. There is no smoke or colored exhaust coming from the tail pipe. Just a little bit of oil on the ground behind the tail pipe from time to time. I can also smell it, it's subtle, yet there.
She is my daily driver and I drive about 70 miles a day. Average speed, 70+/-.
I've been using various products to clean the motor every gas fill up.
Anybody else deal with these issues?
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Sure. Got my '06 from the OO at about 165k, with all the receipts showing that the dealer (yeccch) changed the oil every 5k (I would do it at 3k but it wasn't my car then). It's burning a quart or so in 3k. Just hitting 180k now. Clean everywhere. I'll evaluate after the major maintenance and decide whether to do something.

1 quart in 1k seems a bit much. Are you sure it's motor oil behind the tailpipe?
I bought this car as a commuter replacement for my Tundra. The toaster had 147k miles on it and was in need of the basic TLC maintenance. However, the car did burn around a quart of oil every full tank of gas or 275 miles. After several engine flushes/ oil changes later, and dumping various carbon cleaners into the gas tank (only cleaners with naptha in it is worthy), she now burns a quart every 1100-1200 miles. Plus she does run much smoother and stronger then when I first bought her. The owners manual reads, unless the vehicle is going through 1.1 quarts/600 miles of oil or less, do not be concerned. I know its normal to burn a little oil, including crankcase blow by,....and I have made an improvement since I bought her. I'm not stupid concerned about it. I just thought somebody out there may relate and have some thoughts, other than valve seals or new piston rings.👊🤙
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