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Oil Burning issues, Anybody?

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Does anyone have oil burning issues?
158k + miles now.
She burns through a quart every 11 - 1200 miles. There is no oil under the engine or under the car at all. There is no smoke or colored exhaust coming from the tail pipe. Just a little bit of oil on the ground behind the tail pipe from time to time. I can also smell it, it's subtle, yet there.
She is my daily driver and I drive about 70 miles a day. Average speed, 70+/-.
I've been using various products to clean the motor every gas fill up.
Anybody else deal with these issues?
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There’s a procedure called Piston Soaking. I’ve read about it but not performed the task. You’ll want to have all your cylinders tested first to determine a base line of compression.

This process may span a couple weeks but could make your 158k engine more oil efficient. Check the into the process, there should be YouTube vids of this…..Berryman Chemtool B12
1 - 1 of 9 Posts