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No Headlights

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Hello, My 2012 Scion XB has been a pleasure since my son gave it to me.
I was driving on the freeway recently and went to turn on my headlights and the turn switch pop out and
I have tried everything to get it back, but to no avail.

II'm probably going to replace the switch.

My question is, do I have to pull the steering wheel and air bag to do this.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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I'm not much help as I haven't dug into
a column on these cars yet
But if I had to take a guess, going from experience
I would think
You will have to get past those obstacles
Before you get to the switch.
1st generation switch
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2nd generation switch
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Looks like 2nd generation needs to mount steering shaft/column
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Yikes. Quite different! Another reason I'm happy to be rockin the original gen. Well the only advice I can muster that you probably already know is to completely disconnect the battery before messing with it, or surely the airbag will give you the surprise of your life. Hopefully YouTube has a video on it and/or someone on here can share some experience.

Got any pictures of it? Did it break somewhere that could just be repaired/epoxied? That seems way easier.
The only thing I can find online is only for 1st Gen's.
Here are some pic's, it doesn't look broken but it looks tricky to put back in and I don't want to break it if I can help it.

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Huh... It seemingly appears to just be an enlongated screwdriver appearing thing to activate an internal switch? Does it work if you insert it carefully and rotate it?

I'm just shooting from the hip, and hopefully someone else has more detailed info, but at least in the meantime it might be usable if so, and the repair can happen eventually but not absolutely critical.

...unless I'm completely wrong, which I probably am. :D
I have tried very carefully to insert it back in:), but it seems like it has to twist and lock into place.
This isn't gonna be easy. I'm sure very few if not no one has had this issue.

Nothing looks broken or cracked, seems like it just poped out.
I will try again to put in back in today.
I also bought a switch assembly just in case. don't want to do that other than last resort.:confused:
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Checked out some videos removing the steering wheel.
The main concern is the air bag, it's a easy removal but it's a ticking time bomb.

If I was 30 years younger and didn't have a pacemaker I would attempt it.
Don't want to take the chance.
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If I was 30 years younger and didn't have a pacemaker I would attempt it.
Don't want to take the chance.
I feel the same way, minus the pacemaker. I've experienced air bags going off during an accident before, and never realized until then that they're basically gunpowder explosions, that's what expands the air so quickly into the bags.

After my accident, I was sitting there dazed in my xB - thankfully still alive - and once I came to my senses, I was like... "Why does it smell like a firearm went off in here???"
Glad you are OK now, I used to work for Toyota back in the 90's and we put used air bags under one of
the hoist arms and set it off. Pretty nasty! :oops:
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I replaced my wipers with an intermittent switch from a Prius. I still have the assembly with the headlight switch, but I do not know if it's a direct replacement. Looks like you do have to remove the steering wheel and airbag.

Let me know if you can use the switch.
Thank you for the offer.
I already purchased a new switch.

Just trying to grow some balls to do it. :unsure:
Also thanks for the video.:)
After some more reading and talking with a mechanic friend I think I'm going to do it.
Once the air bag is removed (safely) it's a piece of cake to replace the switch.

I will utilize some precautions as I'm removing the Air Bag.
If I remember I will take some photo's, but not going to video it as I needs my mind free in case
I gotta act fast!

Thanks to @glenbrrr for the video again.
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Still going to do it around mid June as I'm busy at work until then.
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