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:) HEY CLUB xB FOLKS !!! :)

Wednesday May 17, 2006 marked the NHK Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Interview and Photoshoot with Scion Owners and their Rides at Longo Toyota / Scion
in El Monte, Southern California !!!

Many thanks to the famous Verone at Longo Toyota / Scion for the invite that day to join
some of our friends from Scion Evolution to be part of this exciting interview and photoshoot.
Because of the time of day and the day of the week it was tough to get many rides out there,
for those that were able to make it, we all had a great time meeting and conversing with the
great folks from NHK !!!

Here's a brief summary of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) as quoted
from Nikkei Net Interactive:

"NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is a Japanese media outlet involved in television
broadcasting domestically and overseas. This site contains information about the organization,
its network, its programs and its research, as well as links to news and information updates."


We all had a great time explaining to the great folks from NHK about us as an individual,
our involvement and interests in Scions, and most importantly our satisfaction with the
Toyota product !!!

I was able to take a handful of pictures that day and would like to share them here with you ...

Arriving at the dealership with George aka KOOL B we find that our buddy Jon Sr. there on behalf
of our brother John Jr. was already there along with our friends from Scion Evolution !!!

Here were the SCINERGY & SE Rides on site !!!

I took several shots of our buddy George being interviewed by the NHK crew and Longo's very own ...


Here they were taking some great shots of our buddy Dave's ride aka Shortbus !!!!

Here's Dave explaining several of his great mods while the NHK Crew listened in ...

Another buddy of ours from SE getting interviewed !!!

After the NHK Interview and Shoot, it was time for them to Interview Longo's ...


Then the NHK Crew decided to do a video run down on the rides that were on site ...
chauffered by Longo's V-Man himself !!!

Then it was time to get a group shot with the folks from NHK, Verone, Scion Evolution, and ...
Scinergy together !!!

After that great afternoon it was time to get some refreshment at Longo's awesome in-house ...

It's all about the Blended Caramel Frap !!! Thank you George !!!

On behalf of Scinergy So Cal I would like to say thank you to my buddy (gee since college) Verone
from Longo Toyota / Scion for the invite to join our friends from Scion Evolution in the ...
NHK Interview and Photoshoot !!!

:) We are all looking forward to seeing great things from the NHK Crew !!! :)


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good deal.

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Thanks for the call Rodney, sorry I couldn't make it down to support. Looks like we were repped well though.

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BOXlover11 said:
Wow, that hurts, cuz I didn't get a call:( But oh well, glad to see some sweet rides got good exposure :D Congrats to all!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol! I was thinking a while ago that it was a club exclusive(secret) thing:D guess not.
I was bored all day at work, I could have passed by(10-15 mins away). but can't show my crappy box:D

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we were playing the guessing game "what did you eat last?" i was guessin george ate steak. cause his fart smelled bad..thats how the interview ripped one and the japanese people said "okay we're done bye"
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