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I installed new wheel bearings two weeks ago. I went with Timken bearings. At the same time, we installed new KSport Pro coilover struts.

When I first drove the car after the installation, I noticed a sluggishness in accelerating/increased rolling resistance, like my new bearings had been packed with molasses. Even with the car not running, if I put it in neutral and let the car roll down my driveway a few feet, it feels like it's going much more slowly than before.

I filled up my gas tank just after the bearing install and tracked my mileage for that tank. I usually get about 32 mpg with my weekly commute. With this tank, the mpg dropped to 27. On the next tank, the mileage was up just a bit to 29 mpg.

A week after the installation, I had new tires mounted and an alignment done. Still, the car feels sluggish while accelerating. Is this to be expected with new bearings for a while? Has anyone else experienced this with new bearings? Something to do with Timken vs. OEM?
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