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New England Meet.

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This is a tentative meet. Gauging some interest, at the suggestion of Stealthbox to see who's interested in getting a meet going.

I'd say Mid-May if at all possible... Location will be determined based on suggestions/and who actually wants to go. We'll figure that out later...

Anyways, add your name/location to the list if you're interested...

1. Toup - Harrisville, RI
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So yeah, about this meet... anybody else interested?
im pretty sure that was everyone who posts on here..
^Yeah I would have to agree with that. I know there are more people from around here they just don't post very often.
yeah if we planned something and spread the word i'm sure people would show interest and post in here
Sorry for the shameless plug but:

Why not host at the CCSU car show? A few other local NE car clubs also do this, like GONE (GTO's), CSC and CTSubie, new england jeep? Usually ends up being a good turn out that way ...:D I know the xb crowd has been strong in the past, but would be good to see more!:cool:
or do BOTH the ccsu show and the park meet :) hahahaha
ccsu is too far away for me to drive. i say we stick with the park idea
that's true we were trying to find somewhere central to everyone.

still a good idea to come to the show if you ARE local wink wink haha
if Jay and i get adventurous we may attend the show.
I've been a member here but don't post really...that being said I think a park meet would be good...I'd go.
With the quick look that I took Quinsigamond State Park in Wocester looks like it may be a good choice. It has a bunch of parking and is on a lake.
^^that one looks nice!!! and there's like two other parks within a mile from there. looks like it's not very scenic though because it's in the middle of worcester the lakes look real nice!!!
Seems like a nice spot. I'm in.
Anyone interested in Art? If so Mass MOCA - North Adams - is about as "on the edge" as it gets on the east coast. Big parking lot & a fun 50s style dinner 2 miles away. A plus is the ride west on rt2 from rt 91.....

Look Park Morthampton - no art - a park fee includes outdoor grills for a "meet & eat" or arrangements can be made at a resteraunt in downtown ( we have a parking garage ).
with all this chatter, how about we figure out a date/time?
agreeed!!!! let's make this official :)
Alrigth then would May or June work better for everybody?


1. Samantha
Depends on the weekend in May... Or June.... If we set a date within a few days, I can make sure I have the day off work. Stupid retail....
Well with time getting away from us and calanders filling up fast (atleast mine). I am going to say that we shoot for June 5th as our date to meet at the Quinsigamond State Park.
Since people would be coming from all directions I guess we should meet around 1 in the afternoon?
Does this sound good to everybody?
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