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New England Meet.

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This is a tentative meet. Gauging some interest, at the suggestion of Stealthbox to see who's interested in getting a meet going.

I'd say Mid-May if at all possible... Location will be determined based on suggestions/and who actually wants to go. We'll figure that out later...

Anyways, add your name/location to the list if you're interested...

1. Toup - Harrisville, RI
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1. Toup - Harrisville, RI
2. Stealthbox - Amesbury, MA
3. Samantha - New Britain CT
if this is going to turn into a scikotics meet then count me out - i'm just looking fwd to meeting people that chat on here regularly, no group needed affiliation or anything lol
and i know i've done this type of thing a few years ago and winners are dave & busters... bowling... something outside if it's nice out but i'm not sure what. i'm sure it's best to keep it budget friendly too so more people can come. andddd leave time/room for a photo shoot of course :) hahaha
that's a really good idea with the park and grilling and whatnot!!!! i'd def be down for that. cheap and room for everyone to hang out laid back with no security guards eyeing anyone hahahaha
park rangers > mall cops hahaha
yeah if we planned something and spread the word i'm sure people would show interest and post in here
or do BOTH the ccsu show and the park meet :) hahahaha
that's true we were trying to find somewhere central to everyone.

still a good idea to come to the show if you ARE local wink wink haha
^^that one looks nice!!! and there's like two other parks within a mile from there. looks like it's not very scenic though because it's in the middle of worcester the lakes look real nice!!!
agreeed!!!! let's make this official :)

1. Samantha
i have to check my calendar... yeah that's good i dont do much on sundays lol
maybe there's a number we can call and ask about the grilles or something
hahaha that's a good idea!!! i guess we have to decide food and still see who's coming!!! hopefully the weather is nice that day :)
yeah same here what are we doing? food, hang out, pictures? sounds like a fun filled time to me haha
well seems like we'll have a good group going either way... we need to continue the sign up list!!! and then maybe add what we're bringing if we're going with the cookout idea!!!
woah this is tomorrow!!! i wrote the weekend down in my planner. ughhhhh sorry guys i'm going to a family event but if the date is different or a 2nd get together is scheduled i'm def there! i'm so mad right now!!!!!
loving the pics!!! and yes when's the next meet - i'll def do my best to be there :)
using the term "bailed" is pretty harsh. but i'm still down for the next meet.
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