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New England Meet.

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This is a tentative meet. Gauging some interest, at the suggestion of Stealthbox to see who's interested in getting a meet going.

I'd say Mid-May if at all possible... Location will be determined based on suggestions/and who actually wants to go. We'll figure that out later...

Anyways, add your name/location to the list if you're interested...

1. Toup - Harrisville, RI
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Thanks for starting the thread Eric, Mid May sounds like a good time to me like the 14th or 21st.

1. Toup - Harrisville, RI
2. Stealthbox - Amesbury, MA
1. Toup - Harrisville, RI
2. Stealthbox - Amesbury, MA
3. Samantha - New Britain CT
4. melissa - dover nh
5. jason- dover nh

All rigth the list is getting a little better lets keep this going...

I didn't realize that Scikotics had meets in New England. I checked out the forum but am not allowed to see the regional posts. May be if they were at a good time and location we could just hit one of their meets up.

We were just trying to get some of the Club xB people together in a central location so that we could all meet...

Yeah I registered this morning just to see where the meets are held but don't have permission to look at the meeting thread...

That is the way I feel also as I don't want to sit in on a club meeting. I just want to meet some of the "Local" Club xB peeps.

Any ideas on where to meet??

I was checking for a central location for those that have joined. It looks like some where around Marlborough Mass. I am not a big mall person but there is the Solomon Pond Mall there. It would give use a place to meet, hang indoors if the weather isn't great and maybe grab a bite to eat. There has to be a good spot around for photo's aswell.

Just throwing this out there for now...

That being said, I think maybe a park or something where we could grill and hangout and have room for our cars would work. Best of all, it's most likely free
I agree, I only suggested the mall because I don't know the area and when I tried to look for a park I got a list of the soccer/baseball fields in the area...

That looks like a nice place. There are parks like that around here too. This site has a listing of the parks and what they offer.
Department of Conservation and Recreation
It looks there are a couple of them within like 20 minutes of the general area...

^Yeah I would have to agree with that. I know there are more people from around here they just don't post very often.
With the quick look that I took Quinsigamond State Park in Wocester looks like it may be a good choice. It has a bunch of parking and is on a lake.
Well with time getting away from us and calanders filling up fast (atleast mine). I am going to say that we shoot for June 5th as our date to meet at the Quinsigamond State Park.
Since people would be coming from all directions I guess we should meet around 1 in the afternoon?
Does this sound good to everybody?
New England 2011 Meet:
Date; June 5th
Time; 1pm
Location; Quinsigamond State Park 10 North Lake Ave. Worcester Ma, 01612

Quinsigamond State Park

The web site doesn't say anything about grills be there but they have a picnic area so we should figure out if we are going to do food or anything like that.
I have the day so as long as the weather is good I plan on hanging out for a while and maybe fit a photo shoot in.
Alright everybody sorry I have been slacking.

The address for the park is
10 North Lake Ave
Worcester MA, 01612

Toup-Small Grill
Trixie_Storm-Small Grill and r1ce crispy treats
Stealthbox-Hamburgs & Hot dogs & Buns
The_Missie & Vinsonbar-?
jbxb666-arriving late
pelly3s-maybe after club meeting

Missie I didn't see anything about animals not being allowed on the site so I am not sure about that.
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Not sure when we are going to do the next one but we will be doing another one soon. The park we wen to was nice but I may look into something a little different for the next one.
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