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New England Meet.

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This is a tentative meet. Gauging some interest, at the suggestion of Stealthbox to see who's interested in getting a meet going.

I'd say Mid-May if at all possible... Location will be determined based on suggestions/and who actually wants to go. We'll figure that out later...

Anyways, add your name/location to the list if you're interested...

1. Toup - Harrisville, RI
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Woohoo 2 people signed up so far. Come on people!!! Sign up so I can have a reason to work on my car again
Yeah, I've met some of the Scikotics guys a few times. Working retail it's just so hard for me to actually make it to most meets/shows.
Any ideas on where to meet??

I was trying to see who was actually interested, and get locations based on a central place to all parties interested....

That being said, I think maybe a park or something where we could grill and hangout and have room for our cars would work. Best of all, it's most likely free
I was checking for a central location for those that have joined. It looks like some where around Marlborough Mass. I am not a big mall person but there is the Solomon Pond Mall there. It would give use a place to meet, hang indoors if the weather isn't great and maybe grab a bite to eat. There has to be a good spot around for photo's aswell.

Just throwing this out there for now...

I once met a dude at Soloman Pond Mall for some Scion parts. He seemed pretty cool. Not too far from Marlborough is also Patriot Place in Foxboro... Lots of restaurants, not sure how friendly they are about groups of people parking and hanging out though...
I wonder if we can find a state park somewhere out that way....

Hopkinton State Park - Hopkinton, MA, 01748 - Citysearch

This park--an extremely popular warm water destination--is complete with a recreation field, bathhouse, boathouse, five boat launch ramps and a dozen small parking areas. The lake is largely surrounded by hardwood forest. Don't feel like getting wet? There's a one-mile trail that traverses the north boundary of the park--perfect for a mini-hike.
Perfect, let's find one with free parking. I'm not too too far from Marlborough, so I will gladly go scout out anywhere people suggest.
Burrillville ring a bell? Up past Wrights Chicken Restaurant?
Yeah, I'm not too far from Gators at all. It's a very boring place, but it is what it is.
Harrisville is boring I mean. Not Gators.
So yeah, about this meet... anybody else interested?
Seems like a nice spot. I'm in.
Depends on the weekend in May... Or June.... If we set a date within a few days, I can make sure I have the day off work. Stupid retail....
I'll bring a tiny ass tailgating grill regardless cuz I dont like the law anyways.
What entrance? I went in one by. The tennis courts and football field. Nobody is here
Well... We got 5 cars..
Thanks for the Rlce Krispy Treats and for cooking up the burgers and dogs... and for having the only second gen...
I'm confused about your screenname.. do you like ketchup that much? :D
Where in the Northeast are you again? I'm too lazy to look it up
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