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Just had a minor crash in my Funcargo.. Planted it into the tow hook of a Subaru, not major damage just need the rad support, some cosmetical damage.

Here's the kicker.. I have very little electrics going on.. Engine starts and runs (nursed it to my work shop) and head lights but the instrument cluster, heater, stereo, electric windows, central locking all dead.

I have a Sparco wheel in the car so the airbag light was already on. The airbag lamp is alight still and the door light is on. Nothing else. Could it be some kinda safe mode and the airbags should have been activated or so? I'm lost here.

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Of course, I may have blown a fuse of course or two.. The alternator was hit by the plastic panel you got when you don't have AC.. Pushed it back a little bit, I changed the serpentine belt a while back and I guess I didn't get it bolted down quite as hard as I should. However the alternator had a tiny bit of damage so I guess it's possible something shorted out a circuit and blew fuses. I see no other logical explainations to this cluster f*ck. What kinda fuses I have to look at I need to figure out.. So many different things that don't work, but I have some experience with cars and I can't admit this feels like a truly big deal. I smashed my car though, that hurts my soul :(

Bonus pics..

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