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Okay, I think it’s about time for me to start one of these. I’ve had my PW since my senior year in high school in 09’. Definitely been a slow build but I’m in no rush, I’m still young :D

My car has been through many stages so here we go.

First mods to my car were
- Yakima roof rack
- painted grill dark purple (liked it at the time but not now lol), and a Yakima roof rack. Oh and I put one of those individual chrome letters (the letter “B”) that you can get at kragen or autozone where the oversized scion emblem goes on the front grill.
-ebay visors
-painted stock steelies white and added chrome ring

Got some 16” ADRs and painted them gold, painted the grill black, Megan Racing springs and added fogs

Traded the steelies for some 17s and painted tail light covers.

Got a Yakima bike attachment, Yakima basket and got creative with the rims lol

Sold the ADRs and got some BBS RZs

Sold the 17s and the RZs and got 15” BBS RAs. Debadged the rear hatch as well.

Photoshoot at school with a friend. Back to back lol
-tien basic coilovers
-15x8 et 35 Work euroline DHs
-smoked OEM headlights (not pictured)
-strup axle back exhaust

AND FINALLY, here’s how its sits today.
Added bb front and rear emblems
Sold the 15s to buy these big dawgss :p
18x8.5 ET20 rear O disk
18x8.5 ET25 front A disk

Rear cam in place of rear wiper

Anddd there you go. :rolleyes: I need to start taking better pics but this is all I have for now.
I still have a lot planned and I’ll keep you guys updated. :cool: Thanks

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Wheel whore:D lol. I see a lot of progress since you first had it. Cant wait to see more!:D
Thanks man! I think I'm going to add some -3 camber shims today.

nice progress.. what suspension setup you run'n
tien basic coilovers
When I had the 15" eurolines I ran with the fronts max dropped and ran with no perches (just springs) in the back.
With my 18s, I had to raise the fronts and add the perches to reduce rubbing.

Nice looking B! The shot @ Mikey D's is great. Nice Rack!!
Thanks. My bro took that shot. He has B too. I should tell him to make an account :D

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Installing some camber today :D:D:D:D

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WOOOOO! Some camber:D Lets see some pics!
didn't get a chance to install today. I'll probably install it tomorrow.

BUTTTT... I just traded my stock lip for a much better lip. You will find out what kind it is when I post pics later on tonite. Muahaha

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kenstyle lip in the works. Going to primer and paint today.

---------- Post added 10-23-2011 at 10:36 AM ----------

Possibly installing the camber too

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Wow. That looks awesome.

Do you have a shop class or something? Seems like it would need some special tools.
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