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i got my short bus dec 26 04 and it was on

stock air cleaner

the first short bus sticker

then i got rims

my frist show

quailty scion show

F/F show

some paint inside

got the cold air

hooters meet & greet

the truck jam

look at this set up lololol it was loud

irwindale that was a blast

scion show in anaheim

scion fest

c/f eng cover

2nd truck jam

crown show

got bass lolololol

scion x treme show

did head liner

cal cruz at r/r

s/e sd show

scion night knotts

eaf / scion vip and new rims

Tein day ooooo yes

dig how it sits

clairmont show

rip out backseat

Time for proper sounds

new eeeeeee break

get ready for paint 8hrs to take off grafx what a pain

oooo the kit

they had to work that kit

fix the dent from an ex girl thats why she is an ex

paint painter paint

ooooo to low my bad yea lollolololol

ooo well it looked cool

i took these today

I did this post because i have had so much fun with this car and with the peps in the scion world . If you are new it so so much fun just do your thing.
To many people to thank for the rise of the SHORT BUS . i did over 60 shows
in 06 . And will be doing more this year . Have fun with it . THANK YOU ALL

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Looks real good.

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Dave u scared the **** out of my because i thought u were selling the box.
Yeah, me too. As I was enjoying the pix.. i was thinking "did he total the car or sell the car?" :D :D :D :D

Awesome chronology... I am sure your car enjoyed the ride as much as you did... :cool:

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Ah yes, to look back at someone who's had many years to mod their box. Lookin' good, and can't wait to see where it goes next!

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Nice recap.

Glad you didn’t sell or total your box (that’s where I thought the thread was leading too).
Sorry to hear you’re leaving Cali. The shows won’t be the same w/o you.
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