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Back in the market, xB1!
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Hey club xb,

I will get an xb soon when i turn 16, and I am definately planning on modding it.

First of all, i hate the hubcaps, and wanted to get good cheap rims-> first thought in mind: craigslist. I had heard of mb rims, but I didnt know what they were, and how good they were. I found these rims, and could someone please tell me if they are good/in a good deal on rims which are:

-MB Seven X wheels, 17 inch, silver all 4 almost brand new
-Admiral P712 tires, dimensions of 205/40ZR 17 80W (no idea what that means)

will these even fit on a stock xb, these would look great on the 05 dark green xb, just wondering about anyone's opinion on the price/brand, the guy wants 650$ and all are brand new, rims and tires

Thanks alot,
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