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Boring Version

  1. Are the stock 2nd gen fog lights projector or reflector type housings?
  2. Will an HID kit in them be "focused" or "problematic"?
Fun Version

I conquered my gas flap with plastidip, and now I'm ready to take over my fog light situation on my 2009 xB.

The situation? I have none. And I want them. I also want a baby elephant, but that will have to wait.

I want to order the stock fogs from TRDSparks, and put an HID kit in them from @HIDguy. I'm thinking 3k classic yellow. :) Why put in an HID kit? Well. If have everything apart, I want to kill two birds with one screwdriver. My old 2000 4runner had fogs, and they "looked cool" but really didn't do much. I want my xB fogs to be actually functional and help my visibility, and at the same time, make girls flock to me like the salmon of Capistrano.

So I'm all ready to pull the trigger on this, but I found this comment on youtube and I'm scared I'm putting the wrong bulbs in a mismatched housing:

"If an HID bulb is installed in a reflector configuration (as it is here, on her car) the beam gets scattered. HID's need to be installed in a projector so that the beam in properly aimed. "
I want my fogs focused and far reaching, not blinding.


  1. Are the stock 2nd gen fog lights projector or reflector type housings?
  2. Will an HID kit in them be "focused" or "problematic"?
  3. You think making them HID is worth it? Or will I not see great gains?
  4. If I do the "independent on" mod [where fogs work separate from the headlights], can I somehow make my xB "beep"—like it does when I leave my headlights on?
  5. That baby elephant—how do I get one?

Thanks so much for the help! :)


Edit: I can't post links yet. 2 more posts and I can. I'll list them later if I get some response to this thread. Here's my censored inspiration list anyway, for now (I have urls for each in case it helps someone else, just had to delete them for now so I can post)

  • 3k fogs from @JTbme:
  • Fog install instructions from @bB626:
  • Alternate fog install instructions from @Geezer:
  • Bulb sizes from @Eric:
  • Auto turn-off by @pimphand (shoot, this is for gen1):
  • Independent switching from @2tCornot2tC:
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