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Hello Everyone,

I got some free subs in a box and two amps from my father-in-law who owns a towing and storage business. I want to put them in my 06 box but I know very little of about audio when it comes to amps and subs. I have a stock head unit but I might be able to get a free receiver from my father-in-law too. I've seen a couple posts/videos how to do the install but I'm not sure how to connect everything. I would like to save money by not going to a shop but if it comes to it then I will. I have 4" 3-Way pioneers in the dash and 6-1/2" 2-Way in the front doors and stock speakers in the back. I want to connect my speakers to one amp and my sub to the other if possible. I have two 10” Kenwood KFC-W2512 (link below) with a box, one Rockford Fosgate Punch P500-2(link below) and a XPLORE XR-3974(link below). As I said I don't know a lot about car audio and I don't get all the different numbers and talk about ohms and watts. I also don't know what other things I need for the subs and amps like wires/parts.

Someone please save me and my wallet.
Thank you,

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Pioneer - 4" 3-Way------> bestbuy(dot)com /site/Pioneer+-+4%22+3-Way+Car+Speakers+%28Pair%29/8749768.p?id=1202649425585[/url] skuId=8749768

Pioneer - 6-1/2" 2-Way------> bestbuy(dot)com /site/Pioneer+-+6-1/2%22+2Way+Car+Speakers+with+Composite+IMPP+Woofer+Cones+%28Pair%29/3438938.p?id=1218402142208&skuId=3438938[/url]

Kenwood KFC-W2512 10” ---->crutchfield(dot)com /S-RgeDmQEjLqs/p_113W2512/Kenwood-KFC-W2512.html[/url]

ROCKFORD FOSGATE PUNCH P500-2 -----> sonicelectronix(dot)com /item_9626_Rockford-Fosgate-Punch-P500-2.html[/url]

XPLORE XR-3974------->audiosavings(dot)com /products/2-channel-Car-Amplifier/NEW-XPLORE-1200-WATT-2-CHANNEL-CAR-AUDIO-AMP-AMPLIFIER/XR3974.aspx[/url]

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Hello I was reading you post I can give you a little help. First I would see if you father in law has any 4 ch amps for you Mids and Highs the 2 ch amps are not designed to run at 2.67 Ohms . The amps will work with your subs but not put out their maximum potential you have two 4 Ohm subs would be better off with 2 2Ohms subs or a Mono sub amp that is 2 Ohm stable. I would use the Rockford amp for the subs they will get 125 watts at 4ohms. I have been doing installs 22+ years, I would advise you to do lots of research, do not be cheap on Rca's but also you do not need $100 ones,FUSE YOUR POWER WIRE and buy one bigger then you need. Check out

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Run a 0 gauge power wire from your battery, to a distribution block (check ebay)
Then run a 4gauge to each amp.

That RF is what I have powering two kicker subs, works great.
You'd need a 4 channel too.

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One if you got a stock head unit you will need a low pass converter. those are about $20. You need this to splice into your speaker outputs form your radio to create the RCA outputs to send to your amp. Unless you can get a radio that is setup with Sub RCA outputs already.

Are you going to go extreme with audio or just keep small? This question is in reference to wiring. If keeping small set up you could get away with getting 2 or 4 gauge wire from battery to amps. This is cheaper than the 0 gauge. Granted 0 will work and be more efficient, but if not doing high power system you will not really notice the difference.

RCA I would get a decent set like metioned but don't need $100 set for a small system.

But I would also use the RF amp on the subs. You will be putting about less than half the nominal (RMS/constant power) the can handle, but it should be good for a beginning system. Get it tuned correctly. If you have shops call around and ask if any will set the gains for free. Sometimes they will if they are purely audio shops. not BestBuy.

LEARNING LESSON SINCE YOU SAY YOU ARE NEW TO AMPS AND SUBS. (this will be a little long due to explanation.) be careful with trying to crank the radio to get more. If you get it tuned at a shop ask them to set the amp based on the maximum volume you plan to run your radio (example say you volume level 40). Once set do not try to push it past that. here is the reason. This amp sub combo the amp is going to push less wattage than the sub can handle and new people tend to think turning the volume louder is ok but it is not. you will start to distort the sound and clip the signal because the amp was set at it maximum potential based on your previous volume setting and this is bad for the sub and amp. you will end up blowing the sub due to this bad signal it is getting. and you can cause your amp to heat up and fail prematurely. if you decide to upgrade in the future it is wise to get an amp that is rated a little higher than you sub. Reason being is it gives you a little headroom for power. say your sub runs at 500 watts and amp is rated for 750 at same ohm load. You have everything set and then decide one day on purpose or by accident to go passed you set radio limit. well the amp has the reserve wattage ability to be able to stay a clean signal. even thought you may be for a short time sending more power to the sub say example 600 watts. it would like that and continue playing better than it would like 400 watts of distorted/clipped signal.

Never heard of the Xplore. so will not comment on those.
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