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This light comes on when driving straight.

And it's weird to drive, the lights aren't always on,

sometimes for a long time,

sometimes for a few seconds,

However, I have asked the car factory to help me plug the car into the computer to check,
But no error code was found

This is very disturbing, can anyone help me?


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That's the airbag and traction control light. The airbag light comes on if there is a code regarding the airbag ( obviously) but that shouldn't affect drive ability. The traction control light could be a number of issues. I suggest going to AutoZone instead and getting a real diagnostic for free. That's my $.02 cents. Other's should chime in.

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thks for ur answer
I know the airbag light. I change nardi steering wheel,
so I gave up the airbag. that's ok!
My question is for the traction control light,
and I'm not live in USA , I'm from Taiwan, taipei
We don't have AutoZone o_Oo_Oo_O

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That traction light is a mystery. (To me) But yeah, getting the OBD2 code for what's causing it is a mandatory step. Good luck!

What year is your xB? I wonder if temperature has anything to do with it...

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This was what turned off the trac and vsc when i first bought mine used.
It's not the TRAC OFF and VSC lights.

It's the status light for the traction control system.

When the traction control light is flashing, it means one of the front tires has lost traction and is spinning faster than the other three tires and the traction control system has become active.

When the traction control light turns on and stays on (without flashing), it means the traction control system has intentionally been turned off.

First thing I would do is remove the traction control button, take it apart and simply clean it with some type of electric parts cleaner and see what happens.

An auto parts store will not be able to tell you any codes for this system as this is not an emissions system issue.
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