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Hello I'm Kevin and I'm hopeing to buy a series 3.0 this thursday then i would officially join your ranks, but i thought i would join early to see your guys thought on the car. things i noticed to monitors on headrest wondering if any one know were i can replace and estimate on cost. so i guess what I'm asking is what would u pay for it is it a good deal and anything else u can think of. thank you for time. i was think i would offer 9k since headrest missing and maybe wind up in low 9k range let me know what u think I'm to low.

Price $14,999
Internet Price $10,887

Body - Style 4 door Wagon
Engine - 1.50 1.5L I4 MPI DOHC
Transmission - 5-Speed Manual with OverdriveExt.
Color - Envy Green
Mileage - 58,731
Stock Number - 111681B
Vin - JTLKT334264078396Model Code6201

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Prices for used cars really skyrocketed last Summer with the high gas prices, tsunami & Fukushima disasters. I paid $8500 for my RS3.0 in 2009 when it was 2 years newer with 20,000 fewer miles.

Bottom line is, the dealer almost always asks $1500-2500 more than it's willing to sell for, but it will almost never sell a car for less than ~$1000 profit. So, if it bought the car at auction for $8500, it will reject your $9000 offer. If it only has $7500 invested, you'll get it for $9000. It's hard to read dealerships. Some only want $700 profit, and price their cars at that price, but the vast majority price their cars at least $2000 over their profit point. If that RS3.0 has been on the lot for 5 months without selling, they may sell it for $2500 below $10900. Just remember, it's your money, and there are lots of xB1s out there for sale.

Someone here had an RS3 headrest with monitor for sale several months ago. Check the classifieds.

Since it's asking $10,900, I'd offer $8900, and would expect then to sell for $9500.
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