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:) FRIDAY JUNE 30, 2006 Marked the Scinergy So Cal's June Birthday's Party & July 4th Dinner Nite
at HONOLULU HARRY'S in Corona, Southern California !!! :)

:eek: On behalf of Scinergy So Cal I would like to wish everyone a SAFE & HAPPY 4th of July !!! Always remember to *PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY* and most of all have a great and safe time together !!!! :eek:

Here are pictures of the Scinergy So Cal family taken that evening ...

After heading to the Almaraz Family home to pick them up , I was greated by the Newest Scinergy
Member In Training !!! (Yes these are TEARS OF JOY folks !!!) Thanks to Auntie Stephanie, Lazarus Michael was sporting his NEW outfit with PRIDE !!!

Then we were off to beautiful and scenic Corona !!! Thanks to John aka Mr. Sparkle he was able to
take the following pics ...

Here I am concentrating on the road and not taking pictures :(

Getting closer to our destination ...

And we arrived !!! With the 91 freeway pretty clear, we were able to get there in record time !!!

These suspects were already anxiously awaiting !!!
Hey Taz, Ceci, and Joseph !!!

Here were some of the Scinergy So Cal Rides on site that day ...

Louis aka Autobot1's ride !!!

Joseph's aka Scionified's ride !!!

Pat aka Jpat aka Cravin's ride !!!

TAZ aka surfcitylocal aka KIKFMforeverman's clean ride !!!

Jesse aka HotBox69's ride with new tires !!!

Jason aka Newagestar's ride !!!

Mike aka NYOMOUTH'S ride !!! Our token tC that evening !!!

And the HB ride which grew up and KOOL B's Chopped xB ...

Then we got our calling ...

A little blurry family shot but ya get the idea !!!

The Scinergy So Cal Family folks that evening ...

Moi and Kristen and Nic !!!

Kristen and Nic !!!

Louis I !!!

Louis II !!! (Impersonating The Fonz from the Anniversary Dinner or The Claw from Liar Liar) Hmmmm ....

Mandy and Jason !!!

Karen and George !!!

Here's Jason and Mike who got flashed with the bright camera lights ...

Taz and Pat !!!

John and Rina !!!

Jesse & Joseph & Ceci !!!

Some Good Times ...

Then came the BIRTHDAYS !!!


JON !!!

NIC !!! (really a July BDAY but who wouldn't want to celebrate it twice !!!)


TAZ !!!

After all the great Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Macadamia Nut Cookie had been attacked this was left ...

Again on behalf of the Scinergy So Cal family we'd like to wish everyone a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY &

:) MANY THANKS to All the Scinergy So Cal family folks who drove in and around Corona to be there together that night, with the traffic of the long 4th weekend YOU ALL ARE AWESOME and what makes
our Scinergy So Cal gatherings worth the distance. :)

:eek: SEE YA SOON EVERYONE !!! :eek:


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Nice pics Rodney, the biggest surprise was that it was MY what do I do in December? :eek:

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Come December time ...


NEXT !!!

Ah yes -- The Soup Nazi - ROFLMAO -- Have a Safe 4th everyone :)

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I love this shot! Glad you all had such a good time, I still plan to come up and hang with you guys! I'll see you all at the Nationals for sure!!

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Looks like you all had a great time!!! Thanks for sharing with us!
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