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Fuel tank

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Does anyone know if there’s a plug that does in the gas tank ? Like underneath? My dad think there is . Need to know before buying a whole new gas tank for my Scion xb.
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I do not know for sure, but I don't think it has a drainage plug...? :unsure: (I'm probably wrong, though)

Are you talking about a Gen1 (2004-2007) or a Gen2 (2008-2015) model, out of curiosity?
Gen 2 . It looks like something was supposed to be there or maybe someone drilled a hole in the gas tank but the hole looks like something was in there
No, there is no plug on the bottom of the gas tank. The only holes in a gas tank are on the top for the fuel pump, filler neck and vent line.
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Not too bad. Just thought I'd throw this in there lol
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