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SOLD: OEM Fog Light Kit - 1st Gen, New, Complete in Box - $150 delivered in U.S.

SOLD: Brand new, never installed or used, OEM, original Scion/Toyota part 08590-52820, 1st Generation xB (2004-2006) complete fog light kit in original box

These are getting harder to find. Everything needed for a quick, factory-look installation is included -- left & right fog lights, fog light switch, plastic connectors & relay -- all original parts in box. All 2004 to 2006 xB's are pre-wired for this kit. It is plug and play!

There are several videos and threads on installing this kit, but I'll provide the outline below.

$150 delivered in the U.S.

-unhook negative terminal of battery
-pop out fog light blank covers (reach under bumper and push)
-locate fog light connector cables and extend through bumper (they are taped to the headlight cables)
-push a plastic connector on each fog light guide post (see instructions for detail)
-connect cable to each fog light and firmly push/seat the fog lights in place (see instructions for detail)
-remove glove box door (unclips from left side with little pressure)
-reach behind ashtray area and pop out desired knock-out for fog light switch (just push)
-locate the fog light switch connector cable and extend through the knock-out (it is taped to another cable)
-connect fog light switch to cable and push into knock-out space (it will clip in)
-for the relay installation, review the documentation and online pictures carefully; if your hands are men's medium or smaller, you can install the relay blind by guiding it behind the fusebox with your fingers and inserting it (otherwise, follow the instructions for installation)
-replace the glove box door and connect the battery cable
-test the lights, they should only be on when the fog light switch is on and the low beams are on


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