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A message from TANGO!

I got this e-mail from Earl this morning. I'm going for sure. Who else wants to come so that I can get tickets for you????

Hey Tango, I hope all is well with you!

I hope you had fun last weekend, we really enjoyed your company! I also
wanted to ask you if you were available next friday night. Scion sponsors a Friday Night fights at a BXF Gym in Millersville Maryland. This months
fight is all female and the proceeds with be donated to a local woman's
charity. At the last five fights, we have had the Scion Street Team work
the event, and have had three stock Scions out in front of the gym during
the fights. This time we want to put a cool xB inside, and yours would be
perfect! I have extra tickets if you want to bring some people with you as
well. There are some threads on Scion life from the last fight, as several
Scion owners showed up for the event and had a good time. It was cool!!
Scion owners get the best parking right outside the front doors as well.

Anyway, we would love it if you could make it. Please let me know. If you
can make it and are willing to have your xB displayed inside, I need to get
a flat-bed truck to get you car onto the loading ramp to go into the gym,
it is safe...I promise.

Let me know as soon as you can!

Thanks Tango, and have a great day!

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