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I found this useful thread (on the other site) for those of us who would like to use the factory steering wheel controls with Eclipse Head Units. I don't think this works with other brands, just Eclipse. Thank Paradroid_xa (on the other site) for this info. Actually looks like this works with most Toyotas with steering wheel controls...

Paradroid_xA said:
HondAudio said:
Do the factory controls with with Eclipse single-DIN units?
$169 head unit: Eclipse CD3000 @
$16 mounting kit: Scosche SCN2056 @
$10 wiring kit: Scosche TA02 @

Download and create a CD w/ Eclipse -> Toyota steering wheel controls profile and upload to your CD3000.

So... for a shade over $200 (after shipping costs) you can have a very nice head unit, keep your steering wheel controls, and even have 3 sets of pre-outs when you decide to add an amp, upgrade your speakers, and install that subwoofer.

Also, here's a link to the Eclipse CD3000 manual.


if the CD3000 doesn't appeal to you... here is a list of all Eclipse head units that support Toyota steering wheel controls!

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