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Hello again.
The only way to turn you foglights on is with your running lights. What this mod will do is let you turn you foglights on with your corner lights. You will be able to turn the foglights off and on aswell. The foglights will work just like stock but they will come on with the corner lights instead of the headlights. I think it looks good with the corners and the foglights on.

This mod should only take 45min-1hour.

Here we go.

You will need to take your center dash off. To do that you need to take off all 3 of your a/c knobs.

Unscrew the 2 screws at either end of the a/c knobs.

Grab the top of your dash and pull down and out to pop it off.

On the back of the consult you will find 3 wire harness.

Unplug all 3 of them to get your center dash free.

Now grab the lower consult and pull that out.

Now depending on what year you have you will find 2 or 3 harness on the back of it.

Unplug all of them to get it free.

At the back of the ceter dash on the left is a bolt, unscrew it .

Use an open connector and attach it to 2 9inch wires. (These wires are going to be your ground wires)

Screw the bolt and connector back in.

Now find the harness that was connected to the foglight switch and cut the loom open.

Cut the black wire.

On the end attached to the plug connect a 9inch wire.

Use electrical tape to tape the loom back together with the wire sticking out.

In the center of the dash were you disconnected the 3 wire harness find the bigger harness.

Unrap the electrical tape and find and splice open the green wire.

Connect a 1.5inch wire to the green wire and wrap it back up with electrical tape. Run the other end of the wire down to the bottom of the dash were the other wires are.(This wire is going to be your ignition wire)

Attach one of these connectors to the 4 wires that you now have.

You should now have 4 wires that look like this.

You will need to go out and buy a relay form you local auto parts store.

Here is the wiring diogram that I used.

This is what the bottom of the relay is going to look like.

Plug in the wires were the diagram says to put them. This is what the relay will look like with all of the wires attached.

Put the relay in a place were nothing will mess with it.
And your all done. Jut put your dash back together and turn your foglights.
It should look something like this.

I hope you like it and good luck.
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